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Chicago Bullseye 239 - BullsPodcastersPalooza Part 1

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At the first BullsPodcastersPalooza, the guys from The Bulls Zone, The Bulls Show, Bawl! Sports and the Chicago Bullseye Podcasts get together to discuss the relevant Bulls topics of the day.  In Part 1, Thibs as Coach of the Year is debated.   We point out his strengths, faults, and answer the question, “Who is the NBA Coach of the Year?”

  • Chris and Dave from Bawl! Sports! @BawlSports!
  • Nillz from The Bulls Show! @TheBullsShow
  • Will From the Bulls Zone @BullsZoneWill
  • Paul from the Chicago Bullseye, Mark from the Chicago Bullseye @BullseyeMark23, Fred @cbefred from the Chicago Bullseye.

Chicago Bullseye 238 - Interview with Ryan Franco of

Download | Duration: 00:07:55

Fred interviews Ryan Franco of for a preview of Pacquiao vs Bradley 2. will be at noon on 4.13.2014: 
Johnny's Beef
2300 N Lincoln Ave

Chicago, IL 60614

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Chicago Bullseye 237 - Final Games of Boozer the Bull?

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Are these the final days of Carlos Boozer as a Bull?  * The Thibs Minutes Question
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Chicago Bullseye 236 - Fred Believes This Bulls Team Can Fly

Download | Duration: 01:09:00

Fred outlines his unlikely but possible scenario for the Bulls winning a title this season.  Special Guest Paul Davis joins Mark & Fred.   Follow Fred @cbefred.  Email the show:

Chicago Bullseye 235 - Melo Drama?

Download | Duration: 00:57:24

Fred and Mark explore the potential of Melo coming to the Bulls.
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Chicago Bullseye 234 - The Bulls State of the Union: What Now Without Luol?

Download | Duration: 00:42:49

Mark’s Thoughts on the Luol Deng Trade * Fred Looks on the Bright Side * Noah’s Comments* Management vs. Thibs *

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Chicago Bullseye 233 - The Deng Trade

Download | Duration: 00:15:39

The Luol Deng Trade is discussed.  In Part 2, Fred defends Derrick Rose and the accusation that he doesn't recruit.

Spacing Jam

Spacing out the offense is more important than setting up the offense. 

Chicago Bullseye 232: Kirk Trainwreck / The Mourning After / Heat Check

Download | Duration: 01:06:10

Chicago Bullseye 232:  The Kirk Trainwreck Intro was recorded on 12.15.13.  Fred discusses the horrific play of the Captain since the Rose Injury. At about the 11 minute mark, "The Mourning After" episode begins.  This is a phone recording of the conversation between Mark and Fred on the day after the Rose Injury. The status of the knee injury was not yet know. / "Heat Check" was recorded the day after the victory over the Heat at home.

Chicago Bullseye 231 - A Minor Thorn On the Rose

Download | Duration: 00:25:00

Recorded the morning after the Bulls victory over Cleveland, here is a discussion on the Rose injury and other associated topics regarding the team.

Rose Injury & People are Freaking Out *Steve A Smith * Some Bulls Fans Are Turning On Rose * Kirk & Dunleavy vs. Nate & Marco * Kirk’s Play * Deng’s 3 Problems * Taj Has Been Great *

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